How To Detox Your Colon With Hydrotherapy

Aloha ,
You may have heard of colonics and enemas, and how bowel irrigation can not only help detoxify your body and liver, but it also assists in ridding your system of yeast, parasites, old fecal matter, and food particles you aren’t able to pass yourself. Colonics can also help hydrate you as you will absorb the water needed when one suffers from dehydration, not to mention it is a perfect way to begin and end your cleanse. 
The best thing you can do is find a local colonic hydrotherapist who is very experienced in working with people who are doing cleansing and detox protocols, as to avoid over doing them and stripping the body of vital nutrients. And in situations where that is not practical, below you will find a report on doing enemas yourself, in the privacy of your own home. The main difference between the two modalities is the depth at which the cleansing solution can reach.
As avid routine cleansers ourselves, we use both during our cleanses as they serve similar but different functions. The most important take away from this powerful modality of colon hydrotherapy, is that when utilizing colonics and enemas, they prevent the reabsorption and recirculation of harmful toxins that we are working so hard to extract and eliminate from the body. This is vital to the success of regaining and reclaiming your health. My body loves the benefits so much that when I’m not cleansing, I do quarterly colonics and weekly enemas. I believe that once you find your rhythm with these powerful modalities you will be hooked too!